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  1. Curing Jet Lag With Sea Water

    August 24, 2014
    Posted on September 29, 2014

    Somewhere in the depth of the Atlantic ocean the three tectonic plates holding the continents of Europe, Africa and America meet. As you might expect, a bit of volcanic activity came about as a result of their meeting, and 9 islands were eventually created. They were discovered and settled by the Portuguese, and are now known as the Azores. A tiny bit of land in the middle of the ocean. Lots and lots to explore and enjoy.

    First light over São Miguel island.

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  2. Québec Route 132

    May 26-27, 2012
    Posted on June 28, 2014

    From here on we were on the road the entire time, and thankfully, it was a great road. Route 132 stretches along the entire length of the St. Lawrence river and gulf in Québec: from its border with New Brunswick in the east, to New York in the west. Where the road hugs the shores of the Gaspé Peninsula, the waters of the wide open gulf are indistinguishable from an ocean.
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  3. Percé, Québec

    May 24-25, 2012
    Posted on June 13, 2014

    The final leg of our trip was through Québec and around the Gaspésie peninsula. This province rarely disappoints me.

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  4. Cape Breton Highlands and Cabot Trail

    May 22-23, 2012
    Posted on June 4, 2014

    Cabot Trail was meant to be the highlight of our trip: it’s one of those beautiful twisty coastal roads that are a pleasure to travel by when you just want to enjoy the ride and not get from point A to point B. Unlike the Pacific Coast Highway in Oregon, Washington and California, Cabot Trail exemplifies that notion as you literally cannot get very far: it’s a 300 km loop. We had two days to see how far it can take us.

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